Log Cabin criticizes Bush support for anti-family constitutional amendment

February 24, 2004 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(WASHINGTON, DC) – "Log Cabin Republicans are more determined than ever to fight the anti-family Constitutional amendment with all our resources," said Log Cabin Executive Director Patrick Guerriero, in response to the President's announcement that he will push for the anti-family amendment. "Writing discrimination into our Constitution violates conservative and Republican principles. This amendment would not strengthen marriage-it would weaken our nation."

"As conservative Republicans, we are outraged that any Republican-particularly the leader of our party and this nation-would support any effort to use our sacred United States Constitution as a way of scoring political points in an election year," Guerriero said.

Hundreds of loyal gay and lesbian Republicans and our allies serve in the Bush Administration, work on his re-election campaign and work for GOP members of Congress. Gay and lesbian Americans serve with distinction and courage in our armed forces-helping fight the war on terror. We are firmly resolved to defeat this amendment and continue our mission to build a Republican Party based on freedom, fairness and equality.

"Today the President has embraced an amendment that is the product of the radical right. They have mastered the art of gay-bashing after decades of practice. Log Cabin bases our opposition to this anti-family amendment on the principles of American freedom outlined in our Constitution. History will not look back kindly on this assault of our Constitution," continued Guerriero.

The anti-family Constitutional amendment would turn back the clock on gay and lesbian basic rights by denying not only civil marriage, but also civil unions and possibly even domestic partnerships. That is why Log Cabin considers support for this amendment a declaration of war on gay and lesbian families and an attack on our sacred Constitution.

"We are disappointed that some Republicans leaders have abandoned the conservative principles on which this party was built. Liberty, equality and Federalism form the bedrock of Republican values. The President and some other leaders in our party have turned away from these principles to satisfy the radical right in an election year. Simply put, this is politics over principle," added Guerriero.

Pandering to the radical right will alienate the centrist, fair-minded swing voters who will ultimately decide the winner of what promises to be a close Presidential election. The President's re-election campaign should be centered on fighting terrorism, cutting taxes and jump-starting the economy. Now, following the same failed path of 1992, we hear the echoes of Pat Buchanan that helped lead to the defeat of the first President Bush.

"Leaders of the Republican Party often speak of tolerance for gay and lesbian Americans. We agree with this sentiment, but GOP leaders must remember that actions are more important than words. And this action-to support an anti-family Constitutional amendment-sends a disturbing message that part of our American family should be singled out for discrimination," continued Guerriero.

Log Cabin understands that sharp disagreements exist about how to recognize gay and lesbian families. This is a new and complex issue for all Americans. We encourage a healthy national dialogue.

Log Cabin Republicans have been loyal members of the GOP. We have been on the front lines with this President through good days and bad days. Log Cabin members believe so strongly in conservative principles that we have stood with this party even when we disagreed on some issues. Our principles have been attacked by the radical right and the far left, but we have stuck with our party. We're not going to leave this party now, but we will not remain silent while some in the GOP try to use our Constitution as a tool for discrimination.

"Log Cabin's mission is bigger than any one person, one election or one issue. We will not abandon our conservative principles, even as others toss their principles aside for short-term political gain," concluded Guerriero.

No matter what happens in the coming months, Log Cabin will stay in the GOP and fight-fight for fairness, liberty and equality. Hundreds of Log Cabin leaders will gather in California this April for our largest national convention ever. And in August, Log Cabin will have a strong presence in New York for the GOP's 2004 national convention. We will mobilize all our resources and grassroots strength to fight this anti-family Constitutional amendment.