Steve Schmidt Speaks to Log Cabin Delegates in Minneapolis

Senator McCain's Senior Campaign Adviser Praised Log Cabin's Work

September 4, 2008 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Minneapolis, MN) – The McCain Campaign's Senior Adviser, Steve Schmidt, told Log Cabin members and allies, "I want to pay my respects to your organization on behalf of the campaign. Your organization is an important one in the fabric of our Party."

Schmidt has served as day-to-day campaign manager since early July. He spoke at a lunch in Minneapolis on Thursday hosted by Log Cabin Republicans – honoring the GOP's openly gay convention delegates. "I admire your organization," said Schmidt. He encouraged Log Cabin to keep making progress, "Keep fighting for what you believe because the day is going to come."

He also said, "We are the party of freedom. We will keep fighting as a party to reach it in full."

"The Campaign's efforts to reach out to Log Cabin members are reflective of Sen. McCain's inclusive record and indicative of the type of campaign he is running," said Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon. "Log Cabin is proud to support Senator McCain in this important election."

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter also spoke at the event – which caps off a week of Log Cabin activities at the Republican National Convention. At Tuesday's "Big Tent Event", Log Cabin announced its endorsement of Sen. McCain. Mike DuHaime, the campaign's National Political Director, told Log Cabin members, "On behalf of Senator McCain and the campaign, thank you for this endorsement. Sen. McCain is running an inclusive campaign and he'll have an inclusive administration [as president]."