Log Cabin Republicans Joins Nation in Surprise Over President Obama's Prize for Inaction

October 9, 2009 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, D.C.) – Log Cabin Republicans, the nation's largest organization of gay and lesbian Republicans, joined in the chorus of shock over the awarding of the once prestigious Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, after less than one year in office.

"The Nobel Peace Prize has always been awarded to those who have made monumental achievements in ending conflict and establishing peace across the globe," said Log Cabin Republicans National Chairman Terry Hamilton. "This prize has been presented to great figures in history such as Dr. Henry Kissinger for helping to reconcile the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, Jr. for his battle for civil rights, Mother Theresa for her work saving children, and Nelson Mandela for helping to end Apartheid."

"With all due respect to the President, his nine short months in office has not produced a record worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a shame that President Obama's oratory skills have outshined others who have made real achievements and risked their lives working towards peace and human rights in the world."

"President Obama may be admired around the world for his great speeches and for his appeasement of freedom-hating despots, but we see little accomplishment worth celebrating. President Obama came into office with a litany of promises for "hope and change" including tackling rising unemployment and repealing discriminatory policies like 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and the Defense of Marriage Act. But nine months into office, the President seems more focused on receiving accolades than being a champion for gay equality," Hamilton said.