Log Cabin Republicans Condemn Radical Platform Language Seeking Ban on Any Benefits for Gay and Lesbian Families

Mean-Spirited Language is an Insult to Fair-Minded Republicans

August 27, 2004 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – "Log Cabin Republicans are outraged that the Republican Party Platform includes radically extreme language that goes even further than calling for a ban on same-sex marriage," said Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director Patrick Guerriero. "It was bad enough that the draft platform unveiled Wednesday morning included language calling for an anti-family Constitutional Amendment. The final platform is even more extreme."

The Platform's Subcommittee on "Defending Our Families," unanimously adopted, and the full committee accepted, the following language, in addition to a call for a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex civil marriage,

"[A]nd we believe that neither federal nor state judges and bureaucrats should force states to recognize other living arrangements as equivalent to marriage. We believe, and the social science confirms, that the well being of children is best accomplished in the environment of the home, nurtured by their mother and father anchored by the bonds of marriage. We further believe that the legal recognition and accompanying benefits should be preserved for the unique and special union of one man and one woman which has historically been called marriage."
"This language reveals the radical right's true motives. They're not just trying to prevent civil marriage equality. They want to marginalize part of the American family by barring not just marriage but also civil unions, domestic partnerships, and indeed any benefits or protections for gay and lesbian families," continued Guerriero.

"There is a healthy debate going on in this country about how best to recognize same-sex relationships, whether through civil marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships. A clear majority of Americans believes there should be some basic protections for gay and lesbian families such as tax fairness, hospital visitation rights and pension benefits. This platform language marginalizes millions of families, including the Vice-President's family," continued Guerriero.

Earlier this year, the United States Senate overwhelmingly defeated the anti-family Federal Marriage Amendment thanks, in part, to opposition from many Republican leaders. Even Vice-President Dick Cheney opposes the amendment. "President Bush needs to look no further than his own White House to see how the divisive, anti-family amendment and the far-right's anti-gay politics hurt the Republican Party and the American family. The party's platform has swung so far out of the mainstream that even our incredibly loyal vice-president is publicly disagreeing with it," continued Guerriero. "The vicious, mean-spirited language adopted by the Platform Committee is a slap in the face to fair-minded Republicans all across our nation," said Guerriero.

In 2000, one million gays and lesbians voted for President Bush, and millions of fair-minded, inclusive men and women helped elect the President. "The Platform should focus on the issues that bring us together: lower taxes, strong national defense, personal responsibility and a commitment to individual liberty," said Guerriero.

"This is not the end of our fight, this is just the beginning. It is a struggle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. We will take this fight to the American people. It's a battle that's bigger than just one platform or one convention or one election. This is a battle about the future of the Republican Party," concluded Guerriero.