Log Cabin responds to RNC Chairman Gillespie

September 23, 2003 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans today responded to suggestions from Republican National Chairman Ed Gillespie that the Republican party platform next year might include a plank in favor of amending the United States Constitution to ban gay marriage. The amendment as currently written could also deny civil tax fairness, benefits and responsibilities for gay and lesbian Americans. In a Washington Times story today RNC chairman Ed Gillespie indicated growing interest in a potential constitutional amendment.

"The last thing the GOP needs to do is to pattern the 2004 Republican Convention after the 1992 Houston Convention which started a culture war in America. Log Cabin exists today because of that debacle in Texas, led by Patrick J. Buchanan, which led to the defeat of President George H.W. Bush," said Log Cabin executive director Patrick Guerriero

"Log Cabin's message is clear: for our party to be a pro-family party we must value all American families. We should not marginalize gay families. And, to be true to our conservative roots we should not tinker with the sacred United States Constitution to score temporary political points" continued Guerriero. Conservatives including Bob Barr, author of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, Vice-President Cheney and many conservative members of the United State Congress have argued against an amendment.

"We win elections by addition not subtraction. With the electorate evenly divided, a small number of fair minded swing voters who embrace tolerance and inclusion will decide this election. They want our party to focus on jump-starting the American economy and winning the war on terror not igniting the failed cultural wars of the past," Guerriero added.

Responding to concerns of religious freedom and tolerance and Catholic church teacings in the article, Guerriero, a Catholic, added, "The last time I checked the Catholic church was opposed to the war in Iraq and the death penalty. I doubt we will see those planks in our platform. The GOP platform and convention should be used to unite Republicans around the party's core principles of limited government, free trade, a strong national defense, and support for all American families."