AIDS Policy Director Evertz Highlights White House Commitment to New York on HIV/AIDS

Director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy Meets New York Based AIDS Organizations and Conducts Series of Site Visits

October 29, 2001 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Scott Evertz, appointed to the position of Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy in April, is making his third trip to New York and his first since the September 11th tragedy. The trip is designed to highlight the continued need for aggressive HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment strategies in and around New York and to show support for those organizations struggling in the wake of the horrific events of the 11th.

In New York City, he will attend a reception hosted by the Board of Directors of the American Foundation for AIDS Research, meet with leaders of Log Cabin Republicans of New York and the Empire State Pride Agenda, as well as with members of the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force, the Latino Commission on AIDS, the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, the Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS, participate in a walking tour in Harlem of community-based organizations and conduct site visits to a variety of organizations serving indigenous populations in New York.

"The President wishes to convey to the people of New York that combating HIV/AIDS remains a priority of the Administration, and I look forward to visiting with those on the front line of this battle which has been raging for over twenty years," Evertz said. "There are many unique and challenging issues facing those serving people living with HIV/AIDS in New York. This trip will give us an opportunity to hear first hand how the federal government can better help meet those challenges."

Evertz is in New York through Wednesday, October 31.

In addition to Evertz, the Office of National AIDS Policy staff includes Deputy Directors for Domestic and International Affairs and the Executive Director of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. The Office also serves as the Executive Secretariat for the President's Cabinet Task Force on HIV/AIDS, which is co-chaired by Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson. Evertz was President of Log Cabin Republicans Wisconsin at the time of his White House appointment.