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  1. About the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
    9/7/2018 - 100% relevant
    Georgia Log Cabin Republicans is part of the nation's largest group for gay, lesbian and straight Republicans.

  2. Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Weekly Liberty for Y'all E-Mail Newsletter
    8/17/2018 - 96% relevant
    Get the latest news and events from the Georgia Log Cabin Republicans sent right to your e-mail box!

  3. How to Add Georgia Log Cabin News Headlines RSS to Your Web Site
    10/12/2016 - 96% relevant
    It's easy and free to add current news headlines from Georgia Log Cabin to your web site with our RSS feed.

  4. Georgia Republican and Political Links
    9/22/2016 - 54% relevant
    Web sites of interest to Republicans and conservatives in Georgia.

  5. 1998 Georgia General Election Results Analysis
    11/5/1998 - 41% relevant
    1998 offered Georgia Republicans the best opportunity in the party's history to finally seize control of Georgia state government from the governorship to the constitutional offices to the General Assembly.

  6. 1998 Georgia General Election Preview
    11/4/1998 - 37% relevant
    The upcoming November elections promise to be among the most interesting and hard fought in Georgia history according to the published polls and the level of political advertising.

  7. Log Cabin Republicans Take Their Place at Georgia GOP Convention
    5/20/1999 - 35% relevant
    This weekend's Georgia Republican State Convention in Augusta marks a milepost for the Georgia GOP and Georgia Log Cabin Republicans -- a group of gay and lesbian Republicans -- as they build a bigger, more inclusive Party.

  8. Georgia GOP Leadership Chooses Inclusiveness Over Intolerance
    5/24/1999 - 34% relevant
    On May 21st and 22nd, 1999, the Georgia Republican Party held its convention in Augusta, Georgia, at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center.

  9. The Georgia Log Cabin Republicans Condemn the Democratic Party of Georgia, Sen. Nan Grogan Orrock and Rep. Bob Trammell for Unethical Involvement in the 2017 Atlanta Mayor's Race
    12/28/2017 - 30% relevant
    During Atlanta, Georgia's nonpartisan elections, our city saw unprecedented and unethical involvement of Georgia Democrats.

  10. Georgia Democrats Vote to Continue Quotas
    3/6/1998 - 29% relevant
    State Party Chairman Rusty Paul blasted Senate Democrats for voting in a straight party line vote on multiple amendments to H.B. 1101, amendments which would have ended affirmative action in Georgia.

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