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  1. Log Cabin Republicans Vote to Withhold Endorsement from President Bush
    9/8/2004 - 100% relevant
    Log Cabin Republicans are withholding their endorsement from President Bush for 2004.

  2. President Bush Appoints New Members to National Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA)
    1/25/2002 - 90% relevant
    President Bush has appointed 26 new members to his 35-member Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

  3. GOP Congress Moves Ahead on Ryan White Care Act
    4/10/2000 - 59% relevant
    The Republican-controlled House and Senate have both begun work on reauthorizing the Ryan White CARE Act, the federal mechanism of support for local and state care and treatments programs for people with HIV/AIDS.

  4. Log Cabin Republicans Call for Renewed Commitment on World AIDS Day
    11/30/2007 - 54% relevant
    Log Cabin is committed to helping re-focus attention to the HIV/AIDS plight both here at home and abroad.

  5. National LGBT Leaders Renew Commitment to Fight HIV/AIDS
    10/30/2007 - 53% relevant
    Gay organizations call for a renewed effort to address the HIV epidemic and its devastating impact, especially in black gay communities.

  6. Log Cabin Republicans Announce Expanded Outreach on HIV/AIDS Issues
    7/17/2007 - 51% relevant
    Log Cabin expands outreach, education, and lobbying efforts on HIV/AIDS and other healthcare policy issues.

  7. Fighting HIV and AIDS in Africa: A World AIDS Day Report
    12/1/1999 - 51% relevant
    Scientific breakthroughs and solutions to treating HIV/AIDS have dramatically changed the course of the epidemic.

  8. Log Cabin Praises Senator Gordon Smith's Introduction of Bill to Tackle Early Treatment of HIV
    2/8/2005 - 47% relevant
    Senator Smith [R-OR] has re-introduced the Early Treatment of HIV Act (ETHA).

  9. Log Cabin Republicans Call for a National Strategy to Combat Growing U.S. HIV Epidemic
    8/4/2008 - 45% relevant
    New numbers from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirm an alarming spike in new HIV cases in the U.S. - up 40% from previous estimates.

  10. Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Signing of President's Emergency Plan for AIDS/HIV Relief (PEPFAR)
    7/30/2008 - 44% relevant
    President Bush signed the re-authorization of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

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