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  1. Background on Adoption, Foster Care and Gay Parents
    7/28/1999 - 100% relevant
    Get background on why gay parents make good, loving parents as often as heterosexual parents, and sexual orientation plays no role in the quality of a prospective adoptive parent despite opposition from some groups.

  2. Democrats Ban Gay Adoption
    4/20/2000 - 82% relevant
    The Mississippi Senate [34-D, 18-R] gave final, unanimous approval on Wednesday to Senate Bill 3074, banning adoptions by same-sex couples. Gov. Ronnie Musgrove [D] is expected to sign it into law in the next week.

  3. Mississippi Democrats Ban Adoption by Gays or Lesbians
    5/3/2000 - 78% relevant
    Mississippi on Wednesday became the third state to ban gay couples from adopting children, although the plan is likely to be challenged in court.

  4. Anti-Gay Comments Diminish Bush's Inclusive Image
    3/24/1999 - 65% relevant
    Log Cabin strongly criticized comments on gays by Texas Governor George W. Bush (R), and warned the likely Republican presidential candidate that he will not be able to avoid addressing the issue of anti-gay intolerance in the 2000 elections.

  5. Bush Takes Big Step in Favor of Gay Rights
    4/9/1999 - 56% relevant
    Governor George W. Bush (R-TX) announced that he would appoint openly gay people to his administration, including to ambassadorships.

  6. Huge AIDS Funding Increase Finalized by GOP Congress
    10/16/1998 - 56% relevant
    The nation's largest gay Republican organization praised the work of the Republican-led Congress in boosting funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) by $175.5 million, the largest increase ever proposed for the program, as part of the Omnibus Appropriations bill expected to pass Congress today.

  7. Gay Democrats, Republicans Condemn Justice Roy Moore
    2/26/2002 - 52% relevant
    Leading gay and lesbian political organizations condemn the recent legal opinion by Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

  8. Bush Ebbs and Flows
    7/9/1999 - 52% relevant
    DC Gay Republican activist Carl Schmid's exchange with Bush brought out the latest in a series of comments Bush has made on gay issues during the past several years that have fluctuated from the positive to the negative.

  9. Chisum Publicly Admits Defeat
    3/15/1999 - 52% relevant
    Rep. Warren Chisum (R-Pampa), the sponsor of House Bill 382 which prevents gay and lesbian parents from adopting children or acting as foster parents, conceded this week that his bill was dead this session.

  10. Senator Susan Collins Becomes First Republican to Sign On to Legislation Supporting Binational LGBT Families
    9/19/2012 - 47% relevant
    Sen. Collins [ME] becomes the first Republican to co-sponsor the Uniting American Families Act.

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