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  1. Log Cabin Republicans Vote to Withhold Endorsement from President Bush
    9/8/2004 - 100% relevant
    Log Cabin Republicans are withholding their endorsement from President Bush for 2004.

  2. Log Cabin Endorses Sen. John McCain for President
    9/2/2008 - 77% relevant
    Log Cabin endorsement of Sen. McCain [R-AZ] for President.

  3. Log Cabin Declares Victory Over Radical Right on Anti-Family Amendment
    7/14/2004 - 61% relevant
    A procedural vote in the US Senate on the anti-family FMA is an overwhelming defeat for the radical right.

  4. Action postponed on job protections
    7/17/1998 - 56% relevant
    US Rep. Hefley (R-CO) agreed to postpone an anti-gay amendment after Republican colleagues said it would be a personal affront to openly gay Rep. Kolbe (R-AZ).

  5. Log Cabin Applauds Resounding Defeat of Anti-Family Constitutional Amendment in U.S. Senate
    6/7/2006 - 52% relevant
    The US Senate overwhelmingly rejected an anti-family constitutional amendment for the second time in two years.

  6. Far-Right Attempts Diversionary Tactic on Hefley Amendment in Final Hours
    8/5/1998 - 47% relevant
    The most anti-gay Member of Congress, Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA), lead sponsor of the Defense of Marriage Act, has pulled a last-minute attempt to rescue the anti-gay forces pushing the Hefley Amendment.

  7. Log Cabin Republicans Condemn President Bush's Renewed Call for Discriminatory Amendment
    7/12/2004 - 45% relevant
    President Bush should remember that you win elections by addition not subtraction.

  8. Do Not Let Up on the Hefley Amendment!
    7/16/1998 - 45% relevant
    Rep. Hefley (R-CO) has announced he will NOT offer his amendment to the Treasury, Postal appropriations bill.

  9. Log Cabin Vows to Defeat Hefley Amendment in House
    7/15/1998 - 45% relevant
    The nation's largest gay Republican organization vowed to muster as many Republican votes as possible to defeat an amendment proposed by Rep. Joel Hefley (R-CO) which would roll back a recent executive order by President Clinton codifying a federal non-discrimination policy in the executive branch that sexual orientation must not be a consideration in employment practices for federal workers.

  10. Log Cabin Calls on House of Representatives to Reject Anti-Family Constitutional Amendment
    7/17/2006 - 44% relevant
    Log Cabin calls on the US House of Representatives to reject an anti-family constitutional amendment.

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