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  1. Log Cabin Republicans Vote to Withhold Endorsement from President Bush
    9/8/2004 - 100% relevant
    Log Cabin Republicans are withholding their endorsement from President Bush for 2004.

  2. Al Gore's Connection to Fred Phelps Family of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas
    10/25/2000 - 100% relevant
    Find out more about the connections between Al Gore and Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas - with photos.

  3. Bush, Gore Reflect Attitudes in a Country Still Divided Over Homosexuality
    1/14/2000 - 45% relevant
    George W. Bush and Al Gore have a problem with gays. Nothing personal; just politics.

  4. Log Cabin Republicans Issues Statement on Trump Administration Campaign To End Global Criminalization of Homosexuality
    2/20/2019 - 43% relevant
    President Trump and Ambassador Grenell take historic action by pushing for the decriminalization of homosexuality around the world.

  5. Political attacks on gays heat up
    7/17/1998 - 43% relevant
    Republicans say it's all coincidence; some gay-rights advocates are convinced there's a master plan at work. But no one is arguing the bottom line: The political debate over homosexuality is intensifying as the fall elections approach.

  6. Flurry of Anti-Gay Remarks has GOP Fearing Backlash
    6/30/1998 - 40% relevant
    Prominent Republican politicians and strategists say they are troubled by a wave of harsh anti-homosexual oratory from fellow Republicans, fearing it could make the party appear intolerant and drive out moderates and economic conservatives.

  7. Republicans Divided Over Lott Comments
    6/17/1998 - 40% relevant
    When it comes to homosexuality, the Republican Party is tied up in knots.

  8. Gay-Rights Hearing Erupts
    2/4/1999 - 36% relevant
    The long-simmering debate over gay rights exploded in the state Legislature on Wednesday during a hearing on whether the state should continue to extend insurance benefits to same-sex couples.

  9. A Cause Worth Fighting For
    4/2/1998 - 36% relevant
    The Log Cabin Republicans, a group of gay Republicans, has been waging a battle to make homosexuality more accepted within the Republican Party.

  10. Log Cabin and the McLaughlin Group
    7/20/1998 - 34% relevant
    McLaughlin Group discusses gays and the 1998 elections.

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