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  1. The Battle Moves to New York: Stop Dobson!
    6/17/1998 - 100% relevant
    James Dobson and Gary Bauer have a new foot soldier running in the Republican primary for Congress in New York.

  2. Religious Right: Why are Dobson-Backed Candidates Losing?
    6/5/1998 - 100% relevant
    James Dobson's far-right candidates lose elections.

  3. Dobson's Army Loses Across Nation
    6/3/1998 - 94% relevant
    Another day of losses for candidates endorsed and supported by far-right activist James Dobson.

  4. Dobson Works Against Republicans
    5/19/1998 - 85% relevant
    James Dobson's anti-gay Focus on the Family group poses a danger to the Republican Party.

  5. Log Cabin Condemns Christensen Campaing in Nebraska
    5/11/1998 - 76% relevant
    A national gay Republican organization condemned the anti-gay turn in the Republican gubernatorial primary campaign of Rep. Jon Christensen (R-NE) in Nebraska, warning that it is another product of the drive by far right leaders to dominate the GOP.

  6. Election 1998 Analysis: A Story of Two Republican Parties -- Which One Will Take Control?
    11/4/1998 - 70% relevant
    The 1998 elections were a dramatic illustration of two Republican parties -- a failing Congressional party and its allies tied irrevocably to the religious right and losing ground year after year, and a thriving Governors' party, where inclusion, problem-solving and compassion are winning by huge margins and religious right adherents are being purged.

  7. Greer Defeated in Wisconsin
    9/9/1998 - 70% relevant
    The two most prominent leaders of the extreme right were dealt another serious defeat in yesterday's Wisconsin Congressional primary when their candidate, anti-gay minister Ron Greer, was defeated by self-described "Big Tent Republican" Josephine Musser, former state Insurance Commissioner.

  8. Matt Fong Defeats Darrell Issa in 1998 California Republican Primary
    6/3/1998 - 67% relevant
    Darrell Issa was defeated in the Republican primary for US Senate only days after resorting to gay-bashing in his campaign.

  9. Longtime split in GOP tries inclusion creed
    6/18/1998 - 64% relevant
    The Republican Party is at the center of a debate about gays and lesbians, and Texas appears to be ground zero for much of the discussion.

  10. Alert to all Gay Voters in California
    6/2/1998 - 64% relevant
    Log Cabin calls on gay and lesbian voters to become players in the effort to stop Issa from winning.

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