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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
August 16th, 2017

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>> Fiorina [R-VA] keynotes Log Cabin anniversary celebration
Wednesday, September 27 in Washington, DC

Former HP CEO Fiorina [R-VA] is set to deliver the keynote address at the Log Cabin Republicans' national anniversary celebration.

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Tickets and More Info:


>> Top News

Share these top 5 news stories from the past week:

1. KY Dem guilty of intimidating poll workers

2. Liberal media tries to ignore Dem IT aide scandal

3. Dems refuse to grow up

4. Dems reject moderation

5. NYC Dem sentenced to prison

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>> TX bathroom bill dead

The Texas House of Representatives ended its special session without passing a discriminatory bathroom bill.

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>> Young Indonesians bear brunt of anti-gay Islamists

In Muslim-majority Indonesia, religious fundamentalists continue to frame gay people as enemies.

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>> CO's conservative advocate for gay rights

Colorado's conservative attorney general has been a lifelong advocate for gay rights.

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>> Military pushes back on trans ban

Top members of the military are openly opposing a move to ban transgender troops.

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>> GA GOP opposes casino gambling

The Georgia GOP state committee passed a resolution stating its opposition to casino-style gambling.

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>> Does trans troop ban have a silver lining?

Unfairly attacking the service of anyone in our military is attacking the institution itself.

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>> Drain the CFPB swamp

The Democrats' Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has become a breeding ground for structural inequality.

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>> How Australia's marriage vote will work

A majority of Australians support recognizing marriage equality.

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>> Navy secretary supports trans sailors

The secretary of the Navy says any patriot should be allowed to serve.

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>> GA Dem teaches losing

A Georgia Democrat who lost his election is slated to be an oracle to victory for progressives.

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>> GA Dem's top aide to be subpoenaed

An ethics panel claims US Rep. Lewis [D-GA] did not fully comply with an ethics inquiry.

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