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Georgia Log Cabin Republicans
April 26th, 2017

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Share these top 5 news stories from the past week:

1. Liberals hate conservative gays

2. There's no such thing as hate speech

3. Socialism must never happen again

4. Campuses must stand up for free speech

5. Clinton [D-NY] spied on her own staff

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>> 4 candidates seek GA GOP chairmanship

4 candidates are vying to become chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

Full Story:

>> Liberal South Korean candidate doesn't like gays

The leading liberal candidate for South Korea's presidency doesn't like gays and has no intention of recognizing marriage equality.

Full Story:

>> WV Supreme Court to decide hate crime case

West Virginia's Supreme Court will decide whether sex encompasses sexual orientation.

Full Story:

>> Bill would let AL discriminate

Legislation would prohibit Alabama from refusing to work with adoption groups that refuse placements with gays.

Full Story:

>> Hill [R-GA] to run for governor

A Republican state senator from suburban Atlanta, Georgia is jumping into the race for governor.

Full Story:

>> Liberals hate conservative gays

Gay conservatives are being vilified and neutralized by the liberal agenda.

Full Story:

>> Russia ignores torture and killing of gays

Security forces are kidnapping and torturing gay men in Russia's Islamist Chechen region.

Full Story:

>> GA GOP win would set new election record

A GOP victory in Georgia would extend the record of 19 consecutive special elections where a party kept control of the open seat.

Full Story:

>> Gay, lesbian couples can help TX foster care backlog

Texas officials and child welfare organizations should consider gay and lesbian families as an untapped resource.

Full Story:

>> GA election is wake up call for GOP

Republicans can't take their dominance of Georgia politics for granted.

Full Story:

>> Johnson [D-GA] accused of helping Dem with taxpayer resources

US Rep. Johnson [D-GA] is accused of using his taxpayer-funded office for partisan campaign activities.

Full Story:

>> GA Dems try to change rules mid-game

Georgia doesn't let people vote in a runoff if they had not registered in time for the primary.

Full Story:

>> NY Dem's lewd gay slur

The former executive director of the New York Democratic Party referred to the state's Republican chairman with a lewd gay slur.

Full Story:

>> South Korea accused of targeting gay soldiers

A watchdog group says South Korea's army is hunting down and prosecuting gay servicemen.

Full Story:

>> NV bill against anti-gay quackery

A Nevada bill would ban mental health professionals from conducting anti-gay conversion therapy on minors.

Full Story:

>> Handel's [R-GA] complex history with Log Cabin

Handel [R-GA] sought gay support and became a member of the Log Cabin, but then used gay rights as a wedge issue when attacked.

Full Story:

>> Dems' expensive flop in GA

A novice Democrat went up against a split field of 11 Republicans and still couldn't win.

Full Story:

>> Iran arrests gays

Iran arrested more than 30 men who are believed to be gay.

Full Story:


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