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  1. With Endorsement for Mitt Romney, Log Cabin Republicans Declare 'We Are Americans First'
    10/23/2012 - 100% relevant
    Log Cabin has elected to endorse former Gov. Romney [R-MA] for president.

  2. More Distortions from Mitt as the Romney Campaign is on the Defensive over Log Cabin Ad
    10/5/2007 - 29% relevant
    Romney [R-MA] has flip-flopped on gun ownership, taxes, immigration, stem-cell research, education, abortion, gay rights, and campaign finance laws, and more.

  3. Log Cabin TV Ad Campaign Sets the Record Straight About Mitt Romney
    10/4/2007 - 25% relevant
    Log Cabin's TV ad educates the American people about Romney's [R-MA] real record.

  4. Log Cabin Calls on Governor Romney to Stop Attacking Massachusetts Families
    2/22/2005 - 23% relevant
    In a visit to South Carolina, Governor Mitt Romney [R-MA] attacked gay and lesbian families in Massachusetts.

  5. With Grenell's Resignation, Romney Campaign Has Lost a Qualified Conservative Spokesman
    5/1/2012 - 21% relevant
    The Romney [R-MA] campaign made it clear that its openly gay spokesman was a non-issue for the governor and his team.

  6. Log Cabin President's Statement About Romney's Withdrawal from the Presidential Race
    2/7/2008 - 21% relevant
    Log Cabin is proud to have played an important role in sparing the GOP from a nominee like Romney [MA].

  7. New Log Cabin Radio Ad Highlights Romney's "Mitt Flops" on Taxes
    11/29/2007 - 20% relevant
    Log Cabin's radio ad highlights Governor Romney's [R-MA] 'Mitt Flops' on taxes.

  8. Romney Strikes an Inclusive Tone at NAACP Convention
    7/11/2012 - 19% relevant
    Romney [R-MA] wants to represent all Americans, of every race, creed or sexual orientation.

  9. Romney Wins Definitively in New Hampshire
    1/10/2012 - 19% relevant
    Log Cabin's statement on former Gov. Romney's [MA] win in New Hampshire's Republican presidential primary.

  10. Congressman Paul Ryan Strengthens the GOP Ticket
    8/11/2012 - 17% relevant
    Congressman Ryan [WI] will join Gov. Romney [MA] as the vice presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

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