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  1. Log Cabin Republicans Vote to Withhold Endorsement from President Bush
    9/8/2004 - 100% relevant
    Log Cabin Republicans are withholding their endorsement from President Bush for 2004.

  2. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Strong Case for Equality at Log Cabin Republicans Dinner in Los Angeles
    6/30/2006 - 44% relevant
    An overflow crowd joined Gov. Schwarzenegger [R-CA] at an event to support the work of Log Cabin.

  3. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to Speak at Log Cabin Republicans Dinner in Los Angeles
    6/29/2006 - 43% relevant
    Gov. Schwarzenegger [R-CA] will be the special guest at a fund-raiser for the Log Cabin Republicans.

  4. Log Cabin Republicans Congratulate Governor Schwarzenegger for Resounding Election Victory
    11/8/2006 - 40% relevant
    Log Cabin congratulates Governor Schwarzenegger [R-CA] for his re-election victory.

  5. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Pledges to Oppose California Marriage Ban
    4/11/2008 - 38% relevant
    Gov. Schwarzenegger [R-CA] pledged to oppose a proposed constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality in California.

  6. Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Governor Schwarzenegger for Signing Hate Crimes Legislation
    9/23/2004 - 38% relevant
    Gov. Schwarzenegger [R-CA] for signs another piece of equal rights legislation.

  7. Log Cabin Republicans Defend Governor Schwarzenegger
    7/19/2004 - 38% relevant
    Log Cabin defends Governor Schwarzenegger [R-CA] against partisan attacks resulting from a harmless comment.

  8. Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Governor Schwarzenegger for Signing Equal Rights Legislation
    9/15/2004 - 37% relevant
    Log Cabin praisees Gov. Schwarzenegger [R-CA] for signing equal rights legislation.

  9. Log Cabin salutes Governor-elect Schwarzenegger
    10/8/2003 - 36% relevant
    Log Cabin salutes Arnold Schwarzenegger in his remarkable and historic victory in the California recall election.

  10. Log Cabin Republicans Statement on Historic Perry v. Schwarzenegger Ruling
    8/4/2010 - 32% relevant
    California Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay or lesbian couples for denial of a marriage license.

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