Log Cabin Republicans Praise Defeat of Arizona Anti-Marriage Amendment

Results Show Important Progress in Educating the American Public about Marriage Equality

November 8, 2006 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans praise the historic defeat of the anti-gay marriage amendment in Arizona. "The victory in Arizona is an important milestone in the fight for equality. Citizens of a conservative red state voted in favor of basic fairness and common decency," said Log Cabin Executive Vice President Patrick Sammon.

Arizona becomes the first state to defeat an anti-gay amendment, and the narrow margins in states such as South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Virginia were much smaller than similar ballot questions in other states two years ago. Voters in Idaho, South Carolina, and Tennessee also decided to write discrimination in their state constitutions. "While it's not easy to accept these defeats, there is reason for optimism because momentum is on our side," said Sammon. "Opposition to these amendments was 20% higher than two years ago. Support for marriage equality continues increasing as we educate Americans about why support for basic fairness is so critical."

"The public discussion and education about marriage equality is humanizing our families. That's why we see real progress at the polls," said Sammon. "As we move toward the 2008 elections, it is more important than ever for our community to talk with our families, friends, and neighbors to change more hearts and minds about issues of basic fairness for our families."

It's noteworthy that these anti-marriage amendment votes had no impact on other races in these states. In Virginia, Wisconsin, and Colorado, candidates who opposed these amendments won important races for Governor, U.S. Senate and other offices. "Using gay and lesbian people to score political points is not a winning issue," said Sammon. "The far right should now learn its lesson and stop trying to win elections by using the politics of fear and intolerance," said Sammon.