Log Cabin Denounces Federal Marriage Amendment

November 26, 2003 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Log Cabin Republicans denounce the introduction of the Federal Marriage Amendment in the United States Senate on Tuesday.

"Across America families are gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving, while on Capital Hill some members of the United States Senate conspire to marginalize part of the American family," said Log Cabin Republican executive director Patrick Guerriero.

On Tuesday, a Constitutional amendment that would codify discrimination against tax-paying gay and lesbian Americans was introduced in the United States Senate by Republican Senators Allard (CO), Sessions (AL) and Brownback (KS).

"The Constitution is a masterpiece of liberty and freedom. Corrupting this precious document to score cheap political points is frankly obscene. Writing discrimination into the Constitution is an affront to everything our founding fathers stood for," continued Guerriero.

"True conservatives would never alter our Constitution for political purposes. As conservative Republicans, Log Cabin members across our nation are shocked that these senators would make such a brazen attack on states' rights. On his own web site, Senator Allard brags about his support of state's rights, yet when it comes to discriminating against loving gay and lesbian families, he suddenly feels compelled to have sweeping federal action. Senator Allard's attack on gay and lesbian families is disingenuous and intellectually inconsistent," added Mark Mead, Log Cabin director of public affairs.

"The American public wants our elected representatives to work with President Bush to win the war on terror, not to wage a culture war. They should maintain their focus on expanding our economic recovery, creating more jobs and supporting our armed forces, not permanently marring our sacred Constitution," said Guerriero.