Log Cabin Republicans Urge the Senate to Oppose Anti-Family Constitutional Amendment

March 3, 2004 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Washington, DC) – As the United States Senate begins hearings on a proposed Constitutional amendment, the Log Cabin Republicans urge the Senate to oppose any anti-family Constitutional amendment.

A Constitutional amendment on marriage is a misguided solution in search of a problem. The reality is no state has been forced to recognize any same-sex union celebrated in any other state. It is unthinkable to amend the Constitution solely on the basis of fear over what some unknown judge, at some unknown time, in some unknown case might or might not do.

The Constitution should not be used as a means of deciding important debates about public policy issues or as a way to gauge public opinion trends on contentious issues. Should we alter the Constitution every time public opinion changes? Such an approach did not work 80 years ago with prohibition, and it would not work here either.

American voters want the Senate focused on other issues. A recent poll conducted for the Liberty Education Forum shows voters concerned about homeland defense, jobs, the economy, taxes, healthcare, and education. A protracted and divisive debate on this issue will distract the Senate from tackling these problems. Our pollster, Fabrizio, McLaughlin and Associates – Senator Bob Dole's pollster during the 1996 campaign – recently surveyed 1,000 likely voters nationwide, and only 3% of respondents rank this issue as most important. Nine other issues ranked higher. The bottom line is most voters have far more pressing issues they are concerned about and we urge the Senate to return to doing the business of the people and addressing these issues.