Log Cabin Praises California Legislature's Passage of Historic Civil Marriage Equality Bill

Legislation Guaranteeing Basic Fairness Now Heads to Governor's Desk

September 7, 2005 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(Sacramento, CA) – "Log Cabin applauds the California legislature for this historic vote in favor of basic fairness for gay and lesbian families," said Patrick Guerriero, President of Log Cabin Republicans. The California Assembly followed the California State Senate in passing the historic legislation authored by Mark Leno, which provides civil marriage equality to all couples who want to commit their lives to each other.

"Now that the people of California have spoken through their elected representatives, we call on the Governor to respect this decision and the legislative process, and allow this legislation to become law," continued Guerriero. "Governor Schwarzenegger has been a committed ally of LGBT equality and we thank him for his support in the fight for basic fairness for our families."

At the same time as this historic step forward toward full equality, the forces of intolerance are busy seeking to roll back any and all protections for gay and lesbian families in California. Two initiatives now in circulation would amend the California Constitution to roll back not only civil marriage equality but domestic partner benefits as well. "The legislature has done its work, now the LGBT community must work to build grassroots support for basic fairness and defeat these proposed ballot initiatives," said Jeff Bissiri, California Director of Log Cabin.

"Log Cabin would like to thank all of the organizations who have worked tirelessly for the passage of this legislation, in particular Equality California," concluded Bissiri.