Log Cabin Republicans, Republicans Against Prop. 8 Vow to Restore Right to Marry

May 26, 2009 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

(LOS ANGELES, CA)  – Log Cabin Republicans and Republicans Against Prop 8 issue the following statements:

Statement of Scott Schmidt, Campaign Manager, Republicans Against 8

"It is a sad day for California when the Supreme Court gives up its role as the ultimate protector of Constitutional Rights for all Californians. By endorsing the legal theory that basic Constitutional Rights are subject to a plurality of the electorate, the Court has marginalized the Constitution and has created a climate of chaos of fear each time Californians go to the ballot box."

"The people have spoken and now the court has too. As Republicans who believe that the principles of limited government, personal responsibility and fundamental freedoms extend the right to marry to all Californians, our mission is now clear. We must renew our efforts to form a coalition to restore equal access to marriage to all Californians, and move forward to educate the people of California, whatever their race, creed or political party that freedom and fairness dictate undoing the harm caused by Proposition 8 at the ballot box."

Statement by Leonard M. Lanzi  – President, California Log Cabin Republicans

"While we were defeated in this ballot initiative, our cause is right and just. We will continue to work with our allies in the Republican Party and across the political spectrum in California to educate voters that marriage equality is truly a conservative value, along the lines of strengthening individual freedoms, limiting the role of government in our daily lives and preserving personal responsibility."