GA Log Cabin endorses Cooper [R]

October 14, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Blogger Tumblr

Georgia Log Cabin Republicans are excited to announce their endorsement of State Representative Sharon Cooper [R, HD-43] in Marietta and East Cobb County. Representative Cooper is a registered nurse and former educator who championed the hate crimes bill in the state house, as well as provided relief by lowering the cost of prescription drugs, expanding care for new mothers, and improving the resources for seniors.

Coleman E. Williamson, president of Georgia Log Cabin says, "Sharon Cooper is very accessible and has a track record of success in the state House! We can count on her because she pays attention to everyone in our community. From fighting for different protein inhibitors to be covered by Medicaid for people living with HIV to making sure that Georgia's citizens have access to preventive medication like PrEP."

Please join Georgia Log Cabin in supporting Rep. Sharon Cooper for reelection on November 3rd. Learn more and donate at